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Yes, it is possible for our patients to walk out of our centers with a beautiful smile in just one day!
It’s true! Renew’s exclusive implant denture technology makes this possible. Renew’s doctors and their teams can give you Renew anchored dentures, supported by dental implants, in one day. We love it when we meet someone who says: “Renew My Smile.” Imagine leaving our office on the day of your procedure with the smile of your dreams. You have the freedom to eat, laugh and smile again with confidence. Our patients call their experiences with Renew “cost-effective” and “life-changing.”


Yes, the Renew removable overdenture — anchored by dental implants — is an affordable solution for many. Time and time again, we get asked “what is the cost of anchored dentures?” Also: “Are they affordable?” (Compare the cost of traditional dentures with our anchored denture solution here.) Our full-mouth restoration procedure is based on newly fabricated dentures being attached to dental implants in the upper and lower jawbones. You get all of the benefits that come with snap-in dentures — and a new smile — all at a reasonable price, supported by available financing plans.


Quality is important to you, and we guarantee that our centers use the highest quality materials and leading-edge techniques, including the Renew Anchored Denture System with titanium dental implants, to ensure the best results. Whether you live in the Denver area, Colorado Springs, or Minneapolis, don’t settle for lower quality dentures advertised at bargain prices. Come visit us in Northwest Denver, Southeast Denver, or Colorado Springs to find out why Renew is a better option. We are pleased to be opening offices in Minneapolis-St. Paul in 2019.

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Why Renew Anchored Dentures?


We Understand

We understand how hard it can be to live each and every day struggling with your teeth or having to deal with ill-fitting removable dentures. Come see and feel how the Renew dental implant anchored denture systems can make a difference.


Team Experience

Our team’s collective expertise brings to patients over 80 years of experience. We’ve been helping the good people of Colorado regain confidence for decades. You can trust that you will be getting the highest quality care from leaders in the dental implant retained dentures industry.


Custom Plan

We have a customized plan for you that will give you back the life you deserve with implant-anchored dentures that look, feel and perform just like natural teeth. Get a smile uniquely designed for you – Just say: “Renew My Smile!”

It’s time to Renew your Smile!

Learn how you can change your life with anchored dentures.

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“I hated my old flopping dentures. Having anchored dentures supported by dental implants has changed my life.”

Renewing Your Life: It’s as Simple as …

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Could This 1-Day Procedure Change Your Life?


Learn why waiting can cost you money and impact your health
plus the 5 facts to know before getting dentures.