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reason 2 to get implant denturesConsidering an implant-anchored denture procedure? Reducing complications, pain and discomfort are primary reasons to act sooner rather than later. This article is the second in a series of four that illustrates the perils of procrastinating.

  1. Reduce Complications, Pain & Discomfort

Similar to automotive problems, the longer you wait to get something corrected, the more serious it can become. 

Having a chronic problem with your mouth impacts many things in life. Whether you have missing and failing teeth or ill-fitting dentures, simple activities such as eating a meal can become painful. Talking or laughing may cause discomfort. If tooth or mouth pains worsen, people often find themselves compensating to work around these woes. They avoid foods previously enjoyed, including very cold or warm foods, because these are more likely to aggravate pain. Even tougher foods like cooked steak and raw vegetables can be more challenging to chew.

Additionally, people with missing and failing teeth, or traditional dentures, often report a persistent bad taste in their mouths. We also hear about people experiencing bad breath that never really goes away.

Why Implant Anchored Dentures?

In sum, a missing tooth, several missing teeth or traditional dentures may cause unnecessary complications, pain and discomfort. Not addressing the situation quickly often results in a lifestyle that is less than fulfilling and far less enjoyable than the good old days of your healthy natural teeth. You owe it to yourself to enjoy life, relationships and healthy eating again!  


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