3214 W. Eisenhower Blvd., Suite B
Loveland, CO 80537

High-Tech, Super Fast, Personalized
Single Dental Implant Treatment
from the leader in Anchored Dentures.

Now in Loveland, Colorado!

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Renew is now offering single implants for much less with much more!

Introducing: Our new minimally invasive, high-tech way to get new teeth in as little as two hours using the most advanced digital dentistry.

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Yes, a digitally personalized smile solution just for you!

The system used by Renew is called DIOnavi EcoDigital Dental Implants. It’s a revolutionary step forward in implant dentistry that combines high technology with unexpected comfort and speed – providing patients with a better way to get the teeth they need and want immediately.

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Renew | Loveland

Paul Bigus, DDS
3214 W. Eisenhower Blvd. Suite B
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Business Hours:

Monday – Wednesday:8 – 5 pm
Thursday:7 – 3 pm


The Renew DIOnavi System

  • Surgery to place dental implant and place crown
  • 5 minute procedure
  • One surgery & everything done in 2 hours


Conventional Implant System

  • Surgery to place implant WITHOUT crown
  • 20 minute procedure
  • Appointment for second surgery to place crown in 90 days

But there’s more!

  • Personalized, minimally invasive, comfortable experience
  • No surgical incision
  • Quicker recovery than conventional implant system
  • UV activation technology available to stimulate healing over other methods
  • Entire procedure can be planned, managed, & performed in one visit

How it works:

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At Renew, you get high-technology, high-value and high-quality.
From $2,950 for a single dental implant in 2 hours!

Schedule your FREE consultation right now
and start smiling tomorrow!

Looking for Renew Anchored Dentures? Visit www.RenewMySmile.com

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