At ReNew, everything needed to provide you with a beautiful, new smile is all under one roof.
A Denture and Dental Implant System, a High-tech On-site Laboratory and a Team of Renew Doctors.

Proven Denture/Implant System

ReNew uses Good Fit Anchored Dentures™ to provide patients with stable teeth.

There is a difference and you can easily fall prey to companies that offer cheaper dentures. But history proves that people who settle with a cheaper, lower quality denture are unhappy and dissatisfied.


Poor quality dentures easily break or crack. They are uncomfortable. They can smell bad and you have plastic covering the roof of your mouth so you can’t taste your food.

Renew uses the Good Fit Anchored Denture Systems™ which provides a full-mouth restoration solution at a price many can afford. And remember, when it comes to your smile, you want to fix it right the first time. You want to be happy and feel secure in your choice.


*In most cases, patients leave our Centers the day of their procedure with fully functioning teeth.

ReNew proven denture implant system

Quality Features

The other component in your new smile is the dental implant. Dental implants are titanium screws that are anchored in the jawbone.

All titanium implants used in the USA have to meet the same FDA requirements.

Dental implants traditionally have a very high success rate. Documented research and clinical studies indicate success rates of over 95%* — the highest of any tooth-replacement option.

The real importance is using all the technology available and the proper planning and placing of the implants. At ReNew our doctors only perform this procedure and are highly trained.

You can be assured you are in good hands.

ReNew doctors stand behind their work and offer a warranty so you have the peace of mind you deserve.

*Source: ADA

On-site Laboratory

At ReNew we strive to provide quality teeth to our patients. Each Center has a complete laboratory right on-site. The day of your procedure, the lab is custom fabricating your new ReNew smile. With master lab technicians in our Centers, changes and modifications can be made instantly. Patients leave our Centers the day of their procedure with a new beautiful smile that can last a lifetime.

A Team of Doctors

What does that mean for you?

At ReNew you get the collective expertise of doctors, not just one. These doctors have the ability to collaborate with each other to ensure quality care for each patient.

ReNew proven denture implant system

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